Hayley Sabella is a singer-songwriter / local farmer / earnest truth-seeker / independent woman / dork, who originally did her thing in her hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts and is now doing her thing in other places, too.

Upcoming Shows

City Venue Date
Dedham Dedham Square Coffee House 06/17/16 at 8:30pm

Past Shows

City Venue Date
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 05/20/16 at 7:00pm
Dennis O’Shea’s Olde Inne 04/28/16 at 7:00pm
Norwood, MA The Fallout Shelter 03/11/16 at 7:30pm
Medford, MA Tufts University, Crane Room 03/03/16 at 7:30pm
Boston Cafe 939 02/26/16 at 8:00pm
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 01/21/16 at 8:00pm
Byfield, MA Cat and the Cradle Coffeehouse 01/09/16 at 7:30pm
Plymouth New World Tavern 11/13/15 at 8:00pm
Burlington, VT Zen Lounge 10/30/15 at 7:00pm
Boston Cafe 939 10/14/15 at 8:00pm
Shirley The Bull Run Restaurant 10/01/15 at 7:30pm
Montgomery, VT Celebration of Expressive Arts 09/27/15 at 7:30pm
Cambridge, MA Out of the Blue Gallery 08/19/15 at 7:00am
Plymouth Hedge House Concerts on the Lawn 08/15/15 at 6:00pm
Pittsfield, MA The Whitney Center for the Arts 07/24/15 at 6:30pm
Boston Out of the Box Festival 07/19/15 at 2:00pm
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 07/11/15 at 8:00pm
Plymouth, Massachusetts Barn Show 06/20/15 at 6:00pm
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 06/13/15 at 6:00pm
Decatur, GA Eddie’s Attic 06/06/15 at 7:00pm
Plymouth, MA The Spire Center 05/13/15 at 7:00pm
Los Angeles Hotel Cafe 04/29/15 at 7:00pm
San Francisco Hotel Utah 04/23/15 at 9:00pm
Everywhere! Concert Window 04/08/15 at 8:00pm
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 01/15/15 at 8:00pm
Portland, ME Empire 12/13/14 at 7:00pm
Tour: The King Solomon Project Tour
Plymouth British Beer Company 11/23/14 at 7:00pm
Belmar, NJ Stay Gold Cafe 11/22/14 at 7:00pm
Nashville, TN The Basement 11/18/14 at 8:00pm
Decatur, GA Eddie’s Attic 11/17/14 at 8:40pm
Washington DC Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse 11/14/14 at 7:30pm
NYC Rockwood Music Hall 11/12/14 at 6:00pm
Cambridge, MA Gallery 263 11/09/14 at 7:30pm
Somerville, MA Armory Cafe 09/13/14 at 8:00pm
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 08/29/14 at 10:45pm
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 08/06/14 at 8:00pm
Plymouth Hedge House Concerts on the Lawn 07/13/14 at 6:00pm
Montgomery, VT Celebration of Expressive Arts 07/10/14 at 6:00pm
Jamaica Plain Midway Cafe 06/13/14 at 9:00pm
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 06/02/14 at 8:00pm
Plymouth, Massachusetts Nosh Tavern 05/31/14 at 2:00pm
Cotuit, MA Cotuit Center for the Arts 05/26/14 at 7:00pm
Plymouth, Massachusetts Barn Show 05/25/14 at 6:00pm
Cambridge, MA Club Passim 05/15/14 at 7:00pm
Cambridge, MA Toad 04/27/14 at 7:00pm